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A new beginning

Welcome 2011!! Welcome to the new days you bring, the new memories you will create and the new dreams you will fulfill – 2011, you will be a year of new beginnings. I feel it is only fitting to start my first official blog post today – a day of new beginnings. New years day for me  is a day to reflect, to set goals and traditionally it is a time when I make ridicules resolutions to eat healthier, to shed 20 kilos and to run a marathon by mid July – we all make them, and sadly many of mine do not come to fruition because they’re not realistic. This year though, I haven’t so much made a resolution, as a promise to myself to grow in every aspect of my life – as a person, a mother and a wife, as a writer, a photographer and as a business owner, not a small goal by any means. I have a great deal I want to achieve this year, big aspirations to fulfill and projects I want to accomplish, many of which I will share here. I will still be trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle, if only because that’s a start. Depending on the time and how I feel I may slowly add more things to my daily routine to hopefully become a much healthier person by next year. For starters I will be taking a natural health supplement that I had been considering for a while. You can find it at if you want to see what I’m talking about. I know it’s not much, but I have looked into what it does and I’m hoping I will feel more energetic which in turn will make me want to take one walking, and maybe jogging eventually.

One venture I will undertake this year is 365/grateful project that Brisbane – based photographer Hailey Bartholomew started in 2008. Like Hailey, I want to appreciate all the little wonders in my life, the beauty in the smaller details and create a photographic account of what I am grateful for each and everyday of my life over the course of this year. I love the idea of this, being grateful for the little things life gives you and developing a positive angle in which to view life. For me, to take a photo everyday documenting something I am grateful for makes me appreciate how truly wonderful my life is. It makes me slow down and relish life, to really see it and admire it, rather than just racing through it. It makes me stop and look at the little things, the details of my life that are most important to me and it makes me smile.

As I watched the sunrise this morning, the soft pink hues on the clouds, I thought of all this and was filled with a renewed enthusiasms for life that only comes with the dawn of a new year. I know my new year will be filled with love and laughter, friends and family, new beginnings and lots of lovely memories in between and I can hardly wait!! Happy New Year to you all!

Oh and I also started the day with a walk in an effort to shed 20 kilos – what’s a new year without a ridicules goal right ;)!!

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