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a little more on Hailey Bartholomew’s 365 Grateful…

Knowing how great this project is, I feel compelled to share a little more on Hailey Bartholomew’s 365 Grateful with you…

‘In early 2008, in an effort to fight depression, Hailey started a photographic project called 365 Grateful where she took one Polaroid a day of something she felt grateful for. The discipline of having to look for the good things every day changed her life in multiple ways and wondrously impacted the lives of many others.

Hailey put her project up on Flickr and hundreds of people began to do their own 365 grateful projects. As word spread and the project went viral. Individuals, schools, magazines and radio stations took on the project and it just keeps growing. Many of those touched by doing The 365 Grateful Project themselves have written to Hailey about their changed lives.

In 365 Grateful – The Documentary Hailey’s story will be told, as will stories of people who have done the 365 Grateful Project – including an Australian woman whose baby died, a New York artist and a whole Girl Guide troop. As well there are planned interviews with amazing people living lives of gratitude in unusual or challenging circumstances.

Additionally there will be interviews with comedians, authors, musicians and leaders in various fields to examine the power of gratitude on various areas of life, from marriage through to the brain.

This will be an entertaining and personal film. People will also be able to watch and follow along the journey via the blog as Toni and Hailey approach, with humour, the ups and downs of making a film as a mother/daughter team. There will be an international outlook and interviews with prominent people from rock stars to spiritual leaders – or, at the very least, the documenting of trying to get those interviews!

In the end we will all know more about the power of gratitude! Be inspired by personal stories and inspirational people! All the while enjoying the journey!’

Please visit to see Hailey’s lovely work and to find out more about this inspiring project.

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