A little about me

I am a farmer’s wife, a mother of two bush kids. Our backyard is 110 000 acres. I love my husband, my family and our life together. I enjoy the simple pleasures that life gives – a beautiful sunset, the bright stars at night, my daughter’s imagination and the view from my kitchen window. Everyday I feel fortunate to live the life I do.

I love capturing moments in life. Seeing life through a lens and capturing stories. I enjoy being able to savour special memories with digital film, to recall my life’s happiest memories. I love the joy photography brings and how it allows me to capture life as it happens and turn it into forever.

By visiting my website, I know you understand the importance of capturing those special moments in life, of turning memories into heirlooms and tangible pieces of art that grace your walls. Photography truly is an art like no other and it fills me with delight to be able to create lasting memories for my clients and tell their stories with digital film.

My style – put simply, is about capturing life, love, children and families beautifully.


See you soon,


M o r e   i n f o