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As I post the weeks grateful photographs, I am filled with a little bit of excitement for nearly hitting the one-month mark of this project. In a little over a week I will proudly be able to look back over 31 days of grateful in my life. A memorable day I guess and one that must be celebrated with cake!!

I really love how ‘365’ is offering me the opportunity to see my life differently and to grow a fondness for the simpler gifts life gives and to appreciate what I have ‘now’.

Some days are slower than others, some are hotter and lately some make my hands hurt from steel posts and fencing wire. Finding gratefulness in those days is often a challenge, but I love when I do have that moment, that discovery of what it is I am grateful for today. When I realise I am grateful for something as little as gumboots that keep my daughter safe, it just makes me smile and see the beauty in my whole day.

This weeks ‘gratefuls’ are a mixed bunch, but each hold a very special meaning to me. From a beautiful sunrise that met me as I woke, being the first thing I sore in the morning as I wondered out of bed was magnificent, picture perfect in every way and something to be grateful for. To moments with Issy, making her favourite ‘sanga’ as we call them (sandwich to non-Aussie readers), to snuggling up and watching princess movies, playing dress ups and living life with a happily ever after.

Life really is something to be grateful for each and everyday!

Now without further ado here they are…..

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